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In a world of technology and ever-changing business practices “Project Management” has become an essential part of business. This requires strategic planning, resourcing, budgeting and a specific mindset involving the right people making right decisions at the right time. SmartWorld Training has taken a series of modules designed to enable your business with the skills to understand the Project Management lifecycle.

These workshops will provide participants with a realistic overview, possible structures, 8 top pitfalls and how each element impacts the various areas of your business. It is perfect for any staff thinking about or currently working on business projects. This practical and pragmatic approach will provide participants with a “Project Management Framework” giving your project the best chance of success.

This course is a 3-day workshop designed to keep projects on track, on time and within budget by enabling anyone implementing business transformation, technical and human resources projects


3-Day Workshop is designed to encourage and inspire participants to focus on project management. Group size is from 15 to 20 participants.

Key Objectives

  •   Understand the Lifecycle of a Project.
  •   Understand Risks and the Impact of Projects
  •   Understand Roles and Responsibilities
  •   Provide a Number of Success Tools
  •   Understand Communications Planning
  •   Understand the Impact of Change
  •   Discover the Measure of Success


Topics Addressed

  •   The Project Management Lifecycle
  •   Top 8 Project Pitfalls
  •   “As Is” to “To Be” Business Modelling
  •   Business Readiness “Communications”
  •   Waterfall vs Agile Approach
  •   Leadership Engagement
  •   What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Project Management

Smart Project Management Flow Chart

Primary Outcomes
Having completed this training course, participants will be able to become highly functional project team members and leaders. They will clearly understand all the elements of the “Lifecycle of a Project”, have a helicopter view of the big picture whilst giving attention to detail. They will know some of the risks and have a number of practical tools to implement new ways of working towards successful project implementations.

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