Building Superior Service

Building superior service means much more than being helpful and communicating positively to your customers. Your performance measures, service standards, customer metrics and customer focus all influence the customer's perspective on your organization. Service excellence as a cultural value can also bring internal benefits, improving team performance, reducing complaints and providing a more dynamic and fulfilling working environment. This course helps managers develop the toolkit to make service excellence part of their team culture.

This 2-day facilitated course will present the case for the value of customer service excellence within your organization and offer practical approaches to raise standards of service excellence. The course also provides an opportunity to benchmark your service using SERVQUAL framework to diagnose possible gaps between the expected and perceived services, enabling you to identify and prioritise your action areas.

2-Day Workshop is designed for anyone in a front-line position of customer service. Group size is from 15 to 20 participants.

Key Objectives

  •   Developing a Customer-Centric Mindset
  •   Developing a Customer Focused Attitude
  •   Improve Communication Skills
  •   Understand and Determine the Customer’s Expectation
  •   Understanding the Five Steps to Calming Upset customers


Topics Addressed

  •   Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication in Service
  •   Customer Analysis with Working Style
  •   Customer Needs and Expectations
  •   Five Dimensions to Service Quality
  •   SERVQUAL Framework
  •   Telephone and Internet Customer Service
  •   Time Management

Building Superior Service Flow Chart

Primary Outcomes
Having completed this training course, participants will be able to identify your internal and external customers, clarify customer needs and expectations as well as identify the potential gaps between expected and perceived service standards. This course also helps you create internal service standards and articulate your role in the provision of customer service, effectively communicating with team and customers in a customer-focused manner. Managers and individuals who are new to managing customer service teams can be supported to contribute effectively to internal service excellence strategies.

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