Train the Trainer

One of the most difficult problems most organizations face is training their staff the skills they need to create growth. What is even more difficult is giving training sessions that actually turn into results for the business. This problem mostly deals with the quality of trainers and their ability to conduct an effective session.

This course, “Train the Trainer”, goes through special skills and techniques that enable trainers to give impactful learning experiences. This course will take participants from the start of preparing a training session to the very end. This will go over turning training sessions into results.

2-Day Workshop is designed add value to anyone who is implementing business in training position. Group size is from 15 to 20 participants.

Key Objectives

  •   To Be a Great Trainer, Group Presenter and Persuasive Speaker
  •   To be Able to Make a Presentation Powerful
  •   To Know How to Prepare for a Training Session
  •   To Know the Different Learning Styles and Techniques
  •   Know How to Create Effective Visuals


Topics Addressed

  •   How to Handle Difficult Situations
  •   How to Design Courses
  •   Different Learning Styles
  •   Using Technology and Visual Mediums
  •   Training Methodologies – Socratic Method, Storytelling, etc.
  •   How to be Entertaining and Stimulating
  •   How to Create Effective Support Materials

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Primary Outcomes
Having completed this training course, participants will go away with the confidence and practical know-how of a skilled trainer. These benefits are mastered by working directly with top notch training professionals in a hands-on workshop type environment. They will be able to understand how to be entertaining and stimulating to their participants.

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