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Most people might not think that their image and personality is important, but what they do not know is that it can make all the difference in their careers. Especially in this ever-changing world of work where competition is fierce and change happens all the time. It is important because most individuals have to communicate with numerous people both in and outside the country and as representatives of their organizations, they have to look and act professionally.

Ajarn Nuke

1-Day Workshop helps professionals develop their image and personality for different organizations so that they can be credible and confident in fitting into the business atmosphere. Group size is up to 30 participants.

Key Objectives

  •   Improve one's self-image to be a part of the organization's success
  •   Understand social and business mannerisms
  •   Change one's image by knowing how to dress professionally
  •   Know what hairstyles best fit your professional look
  •   Know and understand formal table manners


Topics Addressed

  •   How to greet and communicate in different situations
  •   Table manners according to different cultures
  •   How to take care and groom oneself
  •   Know yourself more to create confidence and a better image
  •   Sales Presentation
  •   How to dress professionally for different situations


Smart Image & Personality Flow Chart

Primary Outcomes
Having completed this course, participants will have confidence to go out into the business world to communicate and have the right set of manners. This includes knowing how to dine, dress and groom one's hair to look professional.

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