Smart Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction and employee morale with the complete training program for perfect customer service calls. Smart Customer Service provides your employees all the fundamental customer service skills they need to positively and professionally interact and communicate with customers — both internal and external. They’ll leave the program feeling upbeat, motivated, and ready to deliver first-class service.

1-Day Workshop is designed for anyone in a front line position of customer service. Group size is from 10 to 14 participants.

Key Objectives

  •   Appreciate How Customer Service Efforts Impact Company Profits
  •   Understand Internal and External Customer Service
  •   Prioritize and Focus on the Top Expectations of Customers
  •   Identify One’s Own Personality Style and the Personality Styles of Customers
  •   Apply Personality Knowledge for More Effectively with Customers
  •   Make Better Choices to Improve Attitude
  •   Develop a Personalized Strategy for Improving Listening Skills
  •   Choose Vocabulary that is Calming and Persuasive
  •   Refer to a Recovery System for Happy Customers


Topics Addressed

    •   The Roles in Providing Good Customer Services
    •   The Accomplishments in Providing Good Customer Services
    •   Customer Service Contribution to the Success of the Company

Primary Outcomes
Having completed this training course, employees will feel good about their roles in providing the good customer service and their accomplishments, feeing proud of their contribution to the success of the company. To create sustainable behavior change, this program includes the personal development plan, action plans, and coaching plan toward continuous improvement of service quality.

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