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The modern workplace has become more and more focused and reliant on human capital development. This is to cope with the rapid technology change, new innovation, high business competition etc. Not only organizational leaders need to have strong knowledge in business areas, even more than that Leaders need to understand the human management systems and be able to project them to the daily situation in the workplace, whilst focusing on the sustainable organizational success.

Human Capital Management is not only the function of Human Resources Department, but all managers and team leaders need to understand and apply this important skill effectively.

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3-Day Workshop designed for up to 15 - 20 participants.

Key Objectives

  •   Know and understand the key elements of Human Capital Management that lead to team and organizational success i.e. hiring, on-boarding, performance management and counseling & coaching
  •   Know and understand how to select the most right candidates
  •   Know and understand the interviewing technique
  •   Know and understand how to set Performance Goal for team members
  •   Know and understand how to provide feedback to team members
  •   Know and understand how to conduct counseling and coaching to team teams
  •   Practice key technique to enhance Human Resource Management skill


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Primary Outcomes
Having completed this training session, participants will be able to understand key human resources management functions and skill. Participant will be able to apply these effective skills to recruit new candidates, manage and facilitate performance goal setting for team members and provide effective feedback. Moreover, participant leaders will be able to give counseling and coaching to all team members for their continuous development.

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