Smart DISC Workshop

The key to success in communication and building healthy relationships is to know who we communicate with. What their preferences and motivations are. Based on Carl Jung and William Morton’s theory, DISC has classified people into 4 major dimensions according to their preference and motivation.

Having clear knowledge and skills in DISC, participants will be more effective at the workplace. This workshop is designed to foster the knowledge, assessment and how to apply DISC energy in day-to-day work-life.

1-Day Workshop is designed to add value to anyone who is implementing Business Transformation or preparing for leadership. Group size is from 15 to 20 participants.

Key Objectives

  •   Know and Understand Peoples’Different Styles
  •   Understand and Realize Self Strengths and Weaknesses
  •   Understand and Accept Others
  •   Communicate Effectively
  •   Avoid Conflicts
  •   Apply DISC Concept in Selling
  •   Strengthen Teamwork

Topics Addressed

  •   Keys to Understanding People
  •   Types of people at Work
  •   Communiction with Different People
  •   Motivation Technique for Different People
  •   Selling to Different Types of People
  •   Making a Teamwork

Smart DISC Workshop Flow Chart

Primary Outcomes
Having completed this course, participants will understand other people and know what changes can be done to be more effective. Participants in leading positions will know how to choose a combination of styles in delegating, decision making, problem solving, motivating, complimenting, giving constructive feedback, and developing skills. DISC application will certainly enhance healthy relationships at work, team building and team synergy.

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