For most people the idea of standing in front of a group of people to speak can be a terrifying thought. To most, it can be the most difficult part of their jobs.

This 5-session speech and coaching program will guide participants through a journey of communication and techniques that will enhance their English presentation skills. They will know the major differences between verbal and non verbal communication that involves eye contact, gesturing, voice exercises, etc.

This is a more personal approach, which will be based on more tailor-made methodologies in developing the subject’s skills.


5-Session Workshop is designed to encourage and inspire participants to focus on developing speech and presentation skills for success. Only 1 participant per workshop.

Key Objectives

  •   Becoming a Confident Communicator
  •   Develop Professional Presentation Skills
  •   Develop Personality and Quality in Presenting
  •   Understand Effective Presentation Structures
  •   Know How to Create Effective Visuals


Topics Addressed

  •   Making the Best Use of Existing Strengths
  •   Freeing Up Body Language
  •   Controlling Nervousness
  •   What are the Dos and Don’ts of Presenting
  •   Developing Individual Presentation Styles
  •   How to be Entertaining and Stimulating
  •   How to Create Effective Support Materials

Speech and Presentation Coaching Flow Chart

Primary Outcomes
Having completed these coaching sessions, the subjects will be able to present with even more confidence. They will know how to use techniques that will help make their presentations easier to understand. They will know how to guide their audience through their presentations with ease.

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